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Do you feel like you still have some learning to do before entering the working world? Want to go from theory to practice in a collaborative software house?
Apply by April 17th
We want to help students reduce the gap between college and real life work.
By joining us on this experience you will follow a program that was carefully built by us. It is the result of years of welcoming new talent into the team. We've been continually improving it by collecting feedback from our newcomers who have recently left college and felt they lacked some important skills to reach a productive level faster.

To gain the knowledge and skills a Software House is interested in.

To develop those skills, both in theory and by practice

To gain insights on how the knowledge acquired in university maps to real software development


Technological: Web (css, html and javascript), HTTP, SQL, Distributed systems

Software development processes: Version control, continuous integration, testing.


Bachelor's or master's degree students only

Speak portuguese

The main language used will be Python. We only expect participants to know some basic OOP and be thirsty for learning


Six hours per week

Schedule tailor-made for attendees

Starts April, 22


We are a Software House specializing in Web apps and systems integration with satisfied demanding customers in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, UK and USA.

We have teams composed of Software Engineers, Software Architects, Designers, Software Quality Engineers and Systems Administrators, working all together at Avenidas Novas, close to three subway lines, Entrecampos train station, bus stops and several Gira stations (Lisbon's municipal bikes).

Here, we value people over processes, and empower autonomy through a bottom-up approach. We are an approved partner of Digital Knights, which places us among the 7% of software houses that fulfill their required technical quality, and were considered one of the 15 Best Workplaces in Portugal in 2018 by Exame magazine.

We're more than 100 happy people following an agile philosophy, and growing.

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